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Beach-style living room with white interior and table lamp.Photo by Icon Custom Home Builder LLC - Browse living room photos

Beach-style living room with purple walls, built-in shelving and a tile fireplace.Photo by Polhemus Savery DaSilva - Search living room design ideas

The living room featuring a grand piano perfect for entertainment.Source: Zillow DigsTM

Katharine Hepburn's property's traditional white living room with brown rug, two sofa chairs and a small round table.Source: Zillow DigsTM

The property's sunroom with blue sofa bed and customized white glass windows, perfect for relaxation.Source: Zillow DigsTM

Katharine Hepburn's huge traditional living space with two white sofa chairs, rectangle center table in laminated flooring.Source: Zillow DigsTM

Designed by: chango&co.

Designed by: chango&co.

Designed by: chango&co.

Designed by: chango&co.

Designed by: chango&co.

Designed by: chango&co.

Designed by: chango&co.

Beach style home bar with hardwood flooring and built-in shelving along with white walls.Source: Zillow Digs TM

Beach type of room with a modernly detailed carpet.

How popular are Beach Style living rooms?

We analyzed 1,090,000 living room designs and our research reveals that only 2.20% of living room styles are done in the beach style.

Beach style living room designs are fun and easy to implement. If you’re short on beach style living room design ideas, we’ll provide you with a handful here in this article so that you’ll be ready to spring into action and recreate the beach-house living room you’ve always wanted in your home.

The beach style living room design ideas that we’ll discuss in this article work best in medium to small sized spaces, but there’s no reason that it can’t scale gracefully to a larger size.

Sandy Colors, Breezy Lighting

Beach style living rooms are characterized by their use of light beiges, whites, sky blues, wood, and wicker elements to recreate the nautical feeling of being at the beach. It’s also important to include a lot of kitschy doodads like wooden birds, lighthouse paintings, or even mounted fish when you’re shooting for the beach style living room design.

These doodads definitely should not be functional. Designing a beach style living room isn’t about packing as many pieces of functional stuff or furniture or art into one spot to maximize the use of the space, it’s about creating a pleasant environment to pass an afternoon or wrap up after a long day.

The beach style living room does best when it gets an abundance of natural light and can open windows to expose it to the breeze—just like really being at the beach. For when the sun goes down, having a few lamps that provide a soft and dim light will do just the trick—the beach style living room is a place for winding down at night, not so much for entertaining.

More Comfort Than Beach Chairs Or Beach Couches

Because the beach style living room doesn’t necessarily see a lot of use as an entertainment station, everything should be comfortable—especially rugs, chairs, couches, doorknobs, and pillows. No matter the object, the color scheme should stay the same—light pastels without much color saturation, sparse use of wood and wicker, and no sharp dark colors.

The texture is also critical to hitting the beach style living room aesthetic. Carpeting is often used to provide a nice feeling for bare feet, as are rugs. Walls should have a texture, too—a light wood is ideal.

Furniture that gets a lot of interaction with tables or bookcases should be rough to the touch rather than sanded down into an industrial piece. Remember, the beach style living room is about relaxation and creating flow.

If these ideas don’t appeal to you, check out our larger gallery of living room design ideas.