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Floor Type


The dining room enclosed by french doors boasts a grand chandelier along with a couple of candle light wall lighting.The rug also fits well with the pale yellow walls. Trulia

The dining area provides a nice gathering with family and friends with its glass doors and white walls perfect for the hardwood flooring. Trulia

The dine-in kitchen is absolutely stunning with its shiny multiple ceiling lights brightening the area. The room also features a breakfast bar with a granite countertops and custom cabinets in metallic chrome finish. Trulia

Bruce Willis' home boasts a wonderful dining room with a grand-looking chandelier on top of the table set while there are windows allowing the Manhattan's green space to show its beauty while dining. Trulia

Another look of the jaw-dropping dine-in kitchen focusing on the granite countertop breakfast bar and the beautiful view of the Manhattan's green space outside of the glass windows. Trulia

The estate also features an elegant dining room with a beautiful pendant lighting that perfectly matches the white walls and the hardwood flooring. Trulia

Elegant-looking dining room with grand chandelier and white walls along with a rug and hardwood flooring. Zillow Digs TM

The elegant dining set is lighted by the candles on top of the table, creating a quality dinner time. Trulia

Just behind the living room is the dining set featuring a rectangle glass-top table with a candle light chandelier. Beside is the breakfast bar with white chairs and counter top. Trulia

Another look at the dining area focusing the beautiful breakfast bar and the kitchen. Trulia

Charlie Puth's dining area is gorgeously filled by hardwoods, creating an easy feeling in the surroundings. The elegant pendant light and recessed lighting are perfectly placed on the vaulted ceiling. Trulia

Transitional dining room with built-in shelves and white accent chairs. Photo by Virtual Studio Innovations - More dining room ideas

Transitional dining room with pendant lights and hardwood floor. Photo by Main Street Homes - Search dining room pictures

Traditional dining room with white round table. Photo by Bennett Lerner Interiors - Look for dining room design inspiration

Traditional dining room with chandelier and hardwood floor. Photo by Maria Adams Designs - More dining room ideas

Southwestern dining room with hardwood floor and pendant light. Photo by Main Street Homes - Search dining room pictures

Farmhouse dining room with chandelier and round table. Photo by Wright Design - Search dining room pictures

Eclectic dining room with pendant light and black chairs. Photo by Chris Snook - Discover dining room design ideas

Eclectic dining room with pendant lights and rectangular table. Photo by Katherine Jackson Architectural Photography - More dining room ideas

Contemporary dining room with pendant lights and white chairs. Photo by Adam Gibson Design - Browse dining room photos

Types of Dining Rooms

The dining room is one of the focal points of your home. This room not only serves the purpose of providing a tastefully decorated and spacious area to serve family and friends, but it’s also the room that gives you the opportunity to make a statement on your personal style.

While it would be easy to simply tear a page out of a magazine and rush into an Ikea or a Pier One Imports location with a list of items in mind, you’ll want to carefully consider your design choices and budget before you pull out your credit card.

Source: Trulia

You and your family will eat the majority of their meals in your dining room. Why not make it a space that everyone wants to be in?

1. Features

There are a lot of elements involved in creating the right mood and look for your dining room. You can take your dining room’s appearance in any direction. Whether you’d like to go with a traditional or modern look, there’s a lot of elements involved in bringing the look that you’ve envisioned for your dining room to life.

A. Floor Material and Color

You’ll want to go with a flooring option that really brings your dining room to life. Hardwood floors never fail to impress with their sleek and shine, and they’ll always pair nicely with a glass dining table in a room full of natural light.

However, if your dining room is partitioned off into space where the carpet from your living room extends onward to your dining room, there’s more than few ways to play with the color of your carpet so that it can be a part of your overall look.

For example, if you have beige or cream-colored carpet, you can pair it with a chic area rug in a red, black, or royal blue hue. The trimmings in this piece can match the color of your carpet and assist with pulling the look together.

B. Furnishings

The furnishings in your dining room can account for the majority of your dining room’s overall impression. If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings and a dining room that allows for a lot of natural light, you can always include statement pieces in your setup.

Source: Trulia

A crystal chandelier that hangs over your dining table can help with accomplishing a sophisticated look for your dining room. Also, the addition of furnishings such as statues that complement the color scheme of your dining room or a painting that you’re dying to hang can help as well. You can bring an elegant and classy feel to this vital space.

An impressive dining room table should be the piece that brings your dining room together. You can opt for a glass dining table, and other furnishings that will complement it or you can go for a wooden dining table, which can bring a traditional or rustic feel to your home.

C. Ceilings

It can be easy to neglect to consider this element of your dining room when you’re pulling pieces of the look together. However, paying careful attention to your ceilings can transform an average, small, family sized dining into an extravagant space designed to impress any guests that pull up a seat to the table.

Source: Castanes Architects

If you have high ceilings, try placing attractive sconces and paintings higher along the wall. It will make the room feel larger and more open and create a wide and vast impression for anyone that dines in your home.

D. Shelving and Storage

While it’s essential to have a place to display your best plate ware and teacup sets safely, you don’t have to tuck these precious items away in your kitchen.


Bring them into the gorgeous picture that you’re trying to create in your dining room. If your dining room already had brown accents, consider purchasing a beautiful, wooden china cabinet and placing it against the wall of your dining room.

You can turn this cabinet towards the dining table to help make your dining space feel like a room. A china cabinet made of red cherry wood that’s filled with your stylish plate ware can take the look of your dining room to the next level.

E. Lighting

A spacious dining room can allow for plenty of stylish lighting options. If you have a dining room that offers you and your guests plenty of opportunities to be exposed to natural light. Don’t be afraid to place the center of your dining room, your dining table, in the pathway of the natural light in the room.

However, if you have a more modest sized dining room, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use lighting tricks to make it seem larger and more impressive. Consider placing a standing lamp in the corner of a room that will illuminate another flattering fixture that you’ve added to the room.

If you prefer hanging lights and a more industrial look, complement your exposed ceiling beams with pendant lights that hang above your dining table and other areas in the room.

F. Window Treatments

If you’re opting for a polished and modern look, dress up your windows if they face your dining room. Hang a set of blinds that complement the color scheme you’ve used in your dining room. If you prefer the impression that pair of thick, stylish curtains can make, that’s another way to bring the look of your dining room together.

2. Design Elements

To accomplish the look that you’re going for, whether it’s traditional, rustic, or contemporary, you’ll have to be careful in arranging the pieces in your dining room. You’ll want to make sure that you’re catering to these crucial design elements so that your dining room design isn’t dull or plain.

A. Space

In the world of interior design, the more space you have, the better. However, if you don’t have much space, space can always be exaggerated or improvised in any room.

Source: Modern Builds Video

You can create space in your dining room by employing a few simple design tricks to trick the eye. You can start with nixing the traditional, long and rectangular dining table. An extra-large dining table can take up valuable space in your dining room. If you’re not much of a host and you need to save space, consider replacing your bulky dining table with a smaller, round table made of glass.

The addition of a glass dining table in your dining room can help complete the look of your dining room.

B. Texture

Take your dining room from dull and unimpressive to funky and interesting by adding a little texture to the picture. If you have hardwood floors all throughout your home, switch things up by slipping a gorgeous area rug underneath your dining room table.

Source: Natural Living Ideas.com

If you’d prefer that the sleek look of your hardwood floors went uninterrupted, consider adding a plant to your dining room to add different elements to the picture. A plant like a small potted cactus or ficus can add fresh colors to the room along with adding texture.

If you’d rather not buy a prickly plant like a cactus, a low maintenance orchid can achieve the same effect, and a vase filled with colorful flowers can definitely accomplish this as well.

C. Lines

Vertical lines can add height to a room that might be lacking in that area. The bold, dark lines of a picture frame can add a stylish element to your dining room. You can also accomplish this by including bold, vertical lines in your paint scheme for the room.

D. Color

When colors work together throughout a room to paint the same picture, the result can be rewarding and stylish.

Source: Wendy McEahern Photography.

Pick a color that will be seen again and again throughout your dining room. This color should appear on curtains, accent rugs, dining room tables, and other prominent fixtures of the room. A bold pop of color will certainly make a statement, but neutral tones will always represent a more sophisticated and elegant look. If you’re willing to create a bold look throughout your dining room, add vases, rugs, or paintings that include colors like topaz, burgundy, orange, or pale green.

E. Shapes

You’ll want to make sure to include a variety of shapes to keep things interesting in the design of your dining room. For example, a round dining room table that plays off a rectangular shaped rug and square shaped picture frame can add variance to the room. However, if you have fireplaces in the room, that can break up some of the shapes and textures throughout the space.

While you want to add variance to the room with new shapes, you’ll need to make sure that everything is cohesive and that the addition of a different shape doesn’t throw the room off.

3. Principals of Design

You’ll want to keep the principles of design in mind regardless of which theme you choose to follow for your dining room. Be sure to keep the following in mind when trying to decide how to decorate your dining room:

  • Unity/Harmony
  • Hierarchy
  • Scale/Proportion
  • Dominance/Emphasis
  • Similarity and Contrast
  • Balance

Source: Wayfair

It’s important to make sure that all of the elements in your dining room work together in harmony when you’re trying to put the right look together. You’ll have also employed the dominance/emphasis principle on pieces like dining you room table if you’ve succeeded in styling your dining room.

4. Styles

There are some styles that you can pull inspiration from to create the right look for your dining room. Do you prefer the sleek, and modern look of a minimalist dining room? Or does the cozy feel and charm of a rustic space call out to you?

5. Colors

A color scheme can be the deciding factor in whether or not a room works. The use of bold colors in a dining room can allow for a classy feel and a sophisticated look if done correctly. However, colors that fall under the traditional umbrella can always create a feeling of warmth and unity in a room.

6. Options

You can create nearly any feel for your dining room. There are plenty of options to choose from, and style choices like the art pieces that you choose and accents found throughout the room can contribute to whatever feel you’re going for.

A. Art

Hang art that elevates your dining room. Don’t be shy when placing bold and colorful paintings around your dining space; you can only improve it. However, if you prefer a more conservative look, classic and softer paintings can provide a classy touch to your dining room.

B. Accents

You can use plenty of fun objects as accent pieces in your dining room. You could order a handmade rug, or you could go for a unique look and step inside of an antique shop. A vintage wall clock, wall hanging, lamp, or rug can make your dining room pop. Your dining room can burst with originality if you turn everyday items into pieces that can bring your dining room together.

7. Sizes

Your dining room could come in a variety of sizes. It goes without saying that you can do plenty with a large dining room with full sized windows and high ceilings. However, you can still do plenty with this space if you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

To capitalize on the space that you do have in your dining room, you’ll want to take advantage of some the elements of design mentioned above. Use a small, round dining table to help create a feeling of togetherness and to help with pulling the room together. Warm colors will suit a smaller dining room well, while neutral colors will work well for a dining room with high ceilings and an abundance of space.

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