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You’re having a new baby girl, congratulations! To help, here is the ultimate guide to baby girl nurseries.

I. Features

When you first start planning on setting up a baby girl nursery, you need to consider a lot more than you are probably thinking about. Have no fear; this ultimate guide will steer you towards the perfect nursery for your new addition.

Besides color and which wall to put the crib next to, you need to think about the design elements such as style, storage, and decorative items.

You need to take into account the size of the room, the colors and themes you want to use as well as the furniture and lighting that will all go into making the nursery the perfect room.

II. Design Elements

Image by ZillowDigs

The overall design of the room will come into play with every other aspect of your choices. If you, for example, decide on a contemporary theme, you don’t want to go and purchase modern style furniture.

Likewise, your storage solutions and decorative elements need to fit in the flow of the overall design. Just like any other room in your home, everything needs to mesh together.

A. Styles

As with any room, baby girl nurseries should have an overall theme or style. You will be spending a good deal of time in the nursery, so you should pick something that is functional, soothing and inviting.

While there is no rule to choosing a style, the most common are the classics: Contemporary, Traditional and Modern.

1. Contemporary

Image by ZillowDigs

Contemporary designs tend to use open layouts, making the most use of the floor plan with room to play, grow and learn.

When going with a contemporary design, you need to make use of natural light, neutral colors and textured or natural fabrics.

2. Traditional

Image by ZillowDigs

If you choose a traditional design style, your furniture will have an Old English appeal, and the fabrics will have printed designs which are generally floral and feminine.

Traditional designs work well in larger baby girl nurseries because of the soft use of bright colors and interior lighting that sets the mood you are looking for.

You can choose to be as elaborate or as minimal as you want with this design style, which is why it is one of the favorites to choose from.

3. Modern

Image by ZillowDigs

If modern design is more your style, or one you have already implemented in the rest of your home, bringing it to your baby girl nurseries is straightforward and elegant.

With bright, vivid colors and sharp lines, the room in modern style will offer your little bundle of joy a lot to look at and dream about.

One slight drawback to this design feature, if there are any, is the use of modern furniture. Most elements of modern design prevent the more traditional nursery room fittings that allow for early hour soothing or night time put-downs.

4. Other Styles

As we said earlier, there isn’t a design that won’t work for your baby girl nurseries. If you want a Beach theme or a rustic look, then, by all means, feel free.

The nursery will be a room your baby will spend a lot of time in, sleeping, being changed, playing and growing. The design should reflect your style while providing a soothing place to relax and play for your baby.

B. Storage

A nursery isn’t complete without storage, and usually lots of it. Between the clothing, accessories, diapers, linens, toys, and extras, you will need a lot of storage space.

1. Closets

Closets offer a lot of storage that will stay put away nicely. Organizing a closet for baby girl nurseries is crucial. If you plan to store a bulk of the necessities in the closet, you don’t want to have to rummage through everything looking for a change of clothes after the early morning feeding.

Depending on the size of the closet you can also store furniture inside, making it a one-stop shop for everything you need for the day. Built-in shelving will help as well as having enough hanging space for the most precious garments.

2. Under Bed

There is never any wasted space when you take the time to plan all of the details. Storage options for under the bed (or crib) will allow easy access to important things like diapers and wipes or pajamas and onesies.

You can custom build under-crib shelving or use pull out style boxes and crates. The choice is up to you and can all be tied in with your chosen theme.

C. Decorative Elements

Aside from the usual elements such as lighting and toys, baby girl nurseries utilize decorative elements to add functionality to the room while tying the design features together.

1. Window Dressings

You may not think about the window dressings and coverings as decorative, but when done correctly they can add that finishing piece to a room. Picking the right type is important.

Knowing what style your room is in, will go a long way towards deciding the curtains or drapes you should use. If you go with a contemporary design which uses natural light and more neutral colors, sheer or translucent curtains will allow the sunlight through the windows.

Likewise, in a rustic or farmhouse theme, you may choose to use wooden blinds with a faux wood appearance.

2. Shelving

Shelves go a long way to adding much-needed functionality to a nursery. They also allow for space saving in smaller rooms. Books, memorabilia, pictures and even general storage can all be stored and displayed using shelves.

As with any other design feature, the shelving should match the style of the room. Free hanging shelves, built-in shelving, bookcases and even an armoire can all be found in the style of your choice and will add much-needed storage and functionality to the nursery.

III. Sizes

As does every other room in the home, baby girl nurseries will come in many different sizes. Knowing the size of your room will help determine how much or how little you can add to it. It will also provide you with the information you will need to select furniture and design elements.

A. Small Rooms

Small rooms offer a comfy and cozy atmosphere and should generally be done up with brighter colors and sparse decorative items to open the space up. Once the crib and changing table are in the room, you may not have enough space left over for a rocking chair or lounger.

However, the size really shouldn’t limit you concerning what the space can do. Just because the footprint isn’t large overall doesn’t mean there aren’t solutions that will help with storage, toys or linens.

B. Medium Rooms

The average home or addition will offer a floor plan that produces a medium sized room. Just short of the average bedroom size, a medium sized nursery might be all that you need. With ample space for everything, the baby girl needs to creature comforts for mom and dad.

Medium sized rooms offer the space to be able to rearrange the furniture and add additional features later on, as the baby grows, turning the nursery into their first bedroom.

There are a lot of decoration features and storage features that a medium sized room can offer, as well as tons of furniture options.

C. Large Rooms

Large rooms can become a hassle when trying to fill the space. However, they offer a lot of little extras that you won’t be able to do in smaller rooms. Multiple storage items can be arranged, as well as additional sleeping arrangements.

Starting a newborn baby in a bassinet is common, eventually moving to a crib. Having the ability to have both in the same room will make the transition easier.

Design styles for large rooms open up the style options as well. Multiple colors can be used with different accent walls or decoration pieces to tie a room together that will last many years to come.

V. Colors

Choosing the color for your baby girl nurseries can be the most difficult choice you will make. Generally, the color you choose will be the color that lasts until the nursery has been outgrown.

You will have to look at, match, decorate and tie in that color with everything else that goes into the room. While any color can be used, baby girl nurseries tend to be done in pink, violet, pastel or neutral colors.

A. Pink

By far, the most common baby girl nurseries are done in a pink color scheme. As with most decorative things “baby,” you aren’t given a lot of options, pink, white and violet tend to be the colors in clothing, art and bed linens.

You can either fight it or run with it. Accent walls in pink with window dressings as well as sheets and towels and even lamps, can all be incorporated using pink as the primary color.

B. Violet

Image by ZillowDigs

Violet is seen a lot mainly because of its versatility. With purple to help darken and lavender to help lighten, violet is a reliable choice for girl nurseries.

Depending on the style you choose you can even fade from darker at one end to lighter at the other, tying the room together with accents that run opposite.

Which violet so complimentary, yellows, pastels and even golds, silvers and wood colors will work well with violet.

C. Pastel

Image by ZillowDigs

Nothing soothes better or has a more relaxing feel than pastels. Their light and bright colors blend well with every color in the spectrum allowing you to mix and match to fit your needs.

Window dressings in pastel allow for the most natural light to come in through the windows and the light, airy colors will widen any space.

Furniture can also be done with white or light wood tones to keep the crisp and light feeling flowing throughout the room. If you can’t decide on a single color, using the palette wheel that pastels can offer is a great substitution.

D. Theme

Image by ZillowDigs

The color will depend greatly on the theme that you choose. You really shouldn’t be worried about gender-based colors. Even blue will work in baby girl nurseries when used as part of a theme.

Beach themes, for example, use blues, yellows, and whites and are quite fun to create and decorate for. Modern themes use darker colors that can seem daunting and make a space smaller, however, when the brighter furniture and accents are brought it, the light plays wonderfully with the darker walls.

VI. Options

When thinking about additions to the room you need to concentrate on two things: furniture and lighting.

Depending on the theme or style you choose, the size of the room and the colors you will have, the furniture doesn’t need to clash. It also doesn’t need to take up so much space that the room becomes unusable.

Lighting will also play a factor. Natural light, for example, will only work if the windows are big enough or facing the right direction. Lamps are a good choice but can take up a lot of space when you need too many for the room size. Overhead lights may be too bright, depending on what style you go with.

A. Furniture

Image by ZillowDigs

Baby girl nurseries will need a few staples that should be on every list: crib, changing table and a dresser for storage and clothing. You should also think about furniture for mom and dad as well.

Recliners and gliding rockers to lull baby to sleep, or comfort pieces like bookshelves and wall shelves to place items that need to be organized and easily found.

B. Lighting

Lighting is crucial as well. You should always have a few options. Overhead lights, either track lighting or in a ceiling fan, will be ideal for most purposes.

However, you may not need that much light in the room, especially at 3 a.m. when you need to get the baby back to sleep. Desk lamps and floor lamps will allow you to use smaller wattage bulbs and direct the light away from the baby or towards the chairs.

Whatever you decide, our photo galleries will show new ideas and inspire your creativity. Be sure to take your time to decide; you will have this room for a long time to come.

Thanks for visiting this specific bedroom design gallery.