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Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Welcome to our 2018 master bathroom design ideas photo gallery where you’ll find hundreds of gorgeous master bathrooms (luxury, custom and more modest designs).

You can check out all of our hundreds of designs below or use the search filters to the right to narrow your search. We add new custom, luxury, and modest master bathroom designs all the time so feel free to bookmark this page.

Master Bathroom Photo Gallery









Another look of the bathroom focusing on the walk-in shower and the double sink.Trulia

The white bathroom consist of a drop-in tub and a walk-in shower still has a beams ceiling installed along with double sink.Trulia

Gray bathroom with freestanding tub and walk-in shower along with wide glass window and tiles flooring.Zillow Digs TM

Another bathroom that features a drop-in tub and a walk-in shower lighted by a flushmount light in a pure white theme.Trulia

The central park can be seen through the window while soaking in the separate tub.Trulia

The bathroom looks elegant with a perfectly placed drop-in tub and a walk-in shower.Trulia

Soaking in the tub in Anna's Hollywood home is like relaxing in the spa. The white walls are perfectly lighted by the wall lights.Trulia

Elegant pure white master bathroom with freestanding tub and walk-in shower along with marble tiles flooring and wide glass window.Zillow Digs TM

Another bathroom that features a bathtub and pink shade.Trulia

The bathroom looks stylish with a shade of green. It also has a walk-in shower and a double sink.Trulia

Another bathroom of the house which has a pedestal sink and a walk-in shower.Trulia

The bathroom looks stylish as well with a perfectly placed bathtub and walk-in shower.Trulia

The simple bathroom turned stylish because of the mixed green and gray tiles well-placed bathtub and nice wall lighting.Trulia

The mansion's bathroom remains simple with tiles flooring and walls but the floating sink and corner tub adds special looks in the bathroom.Trulia

Even the walls and the bench seating of this stylish bathroom has a marble theme. The shower and tub combo remains simple.Trulia

A bathroom perfect for the female-stacked family. This bathroom is so wide that it has a large dressing room and features a very stylish freestanding bathtub in a room separated by a huge glass door.Trulia

Another look of Kris Jenner's bathroom paradise, highlighting the beauty of the room's bathtub and walk-in shower with its glass door.Trulia

A contemporary master bathroom with a separate shower area in glass walls.

A tiled bathroom with a wide space in a white finish.

For truly spectacular, check out our ultra luxury master bathroom gallery here.

When looking into renovating or designing a bathroom, there are many features to consider in addition to price. Yes, price and your budget are important because the cost of a bathroom can get out-of-hand very, very quickly.

As with any renovation or interior design, you need to decide on your must-haves as well as your wants. Ensure your must-haves fit your budget before going on to your want features.

The specific luxury bathroom features to consider include:

Tub: Claw, free-standing, sunken, jacuzzi-style, regular, medical, etc. Or perhaps you prefer to only have a shower. You’ll see in our gallery that many bathrooms include both a tub and shower.

Shower: Separate from the tub (or not), all-glass (or not), premium fixtures such as rain and side nozzles, tile or a fully encased shower, etc.

Vanity: one, two or more sinks; vanity design, color, materials, faucet, basin style, etc.

Layout: Luxury bathrooms are getting larger and larger. Some are as big as traditional master bedrooms. How much space do you wish to dedicate to your bathroom? You definitely want to check out our gallery of bathrooms to see how larger bathrooms appear and whether it’s something you want.

Toilet: Enclosed in an interior room (or not), location within the bathroom, color, etc.

Spa features: Sauna, steamroom/shower, hot tub.

Lighting: Lighting can make or break a bathroom so be sure to research lighting options for your bathroom.

Windows: While it’s great to have natural light, it’s not so great to have the inside of your bathroom on display for your neighborhood. If you have extensive windows, you may require window coverings. Skylights can be a good lighting feature for bathrooms for privacy reasons.

Mirrors: Full-length or above vanity only? If you have the wall space, a full-length mirror can be very helpful unless you have a separate walk-in-closet/dressing room.

We hope our extensive gallery of luxury bathrooms helps you come up with a bathroom design as well as desired feature set.

Types and Options for Master Bathrooms

Designing a master bathroom is a home improvement project that can get expensive very fast. It is imperative that you plan every aspect and cover every option before you start any work.

If you are doing the remodel yourself you may save some money. However, you may think about hiring a contractor to do some of the more crucial elements for you. Aside from the fixtures and accessories, you should also consider things in your budget like permits, demolition and line item each option so you can adjust accordingly to stay within your budget.

1. Initial Planning

Large master bathroom with huge vanity

When you first decide to design a master bathroom remodel or installation, you have more to think about that with most other rooms in the home. Plumbing is the main aspect of a bathroom that sets it apart from the other rooms.

It may be in your best interest to contact a plumber or contractor to help you outline the requirements and permits needed to start building your dream master bath.

Once you have sorted the plumbing details, you should decide what type of bathroom you are going to have. Color and style will also help you determine what types of fixtures and lighting to purchase.

2. Cost

Building permits, depending on where you live, will cost you anywhere between $400 and $2000. If you hire a contractor, you should request bids from at least three different sources and ensure that the required permits are included in their bids.

A new remodel can cost upwards of $25,000 when the work is contracted, and that doesn’t include the finishing touches such as tub style, separate shower or multiple sinks.

To help reduce costs, you should see if you can reuse your current items. It is far cheaper to resurface a tub, sink or counters instead of purchasing new ones. You can also find great deals in second-hand shops and antique stores, depending on your style choices.

3. Types

The types of master bathrooms are categorized mainly by their size: small, medium and large. Based on the square footage of the space you will be able to do more or less and can adjust your budget accordingly.

Even if your master bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean it can’t exceed your expectations. Once you find your inspiration, you can transform your master bath into something you can truly be proud of.

A. Small Master Bathrooms

Small master bathroom with farmhouse sink and hardwood flooring.

Small master bathrooms are quite common in single-family homes. You will also find them in homes that have a master bathroom off of the master bedroom and a second master bathroom the other bedrooms share.

When remodeling for small bathrooms, you will need to make sure that the fixtures you buy will fit where you want them. You should always measure everything before you bring it home, and if possible create a to-scale model or use DIY Programs to help you make sure everything fits.

Storage can become a major issue in smaller bathrooms. In this case, you may find the use of a hall closet for the bathroom storage, or perhaps you can create built-in shelving in a space that is otherwise unused.

B. Medium Master Bathrooms

Remodelled bathroom with black and white floor and subway tile on all walls.

Medium sized master bathrooms will be the more common size. These can range just on the larger side of a small all the way to a large size. The square footage of a medium sized bathroom will accommodate most everything you will need.

Since you have more space to work with you can see if your budget will allow for an elongated tub or more counter space for a double sink. You can also use the additional space for more storage and cupboards to keep everything in the bathroom.

The extra space will allow for such things as a vanity desk or a jetted tub. You can even split the tub and shower and have one of each.

C. Large Master Bathrooms

Contemporary master bath with walk-in shower, grey walls and white freestanding tub.

When you have a lot of space to devote to the master bathroom, you can use the space for just about anything.

One popular feature is to have a large walk-in closet added inside the bathroom. This will store everything you need for use in the bathroom. You can also spread out your fixtures and use large windows to let in the light.

Having twin sinks is nice, but with a large bathroom you can spread them out and place one next to a vanity mirror for getting ready in the mornings.

4. Features

Master bathrooms are never short on features. We may not think about them every day, but during your redesign, you will find that there is a lot more to consider than you first realized.

This is why it is important to plan everything out and stick to your budget. You can quickly and easily get in over your head and overspend.

A. Fixtures

masculine master bathroom with dark grey walls and black floor.

No bathroom would be a bathroom without the basic accessories. Sink, toilet, tub, and shower are all essential in a master bathroom. Your options for which ones though, are near limitless.

When you are planning on your new tub (or resurfacing your existing one), you have several options to choose from. Stand-alone, clawfoot, built-in; each option has pros and cons. You just need to decide what is best for you.

The sinks come in as many varieties as you can imagine and you should find one that suits your tastes as well as your decoration style. Toilets, on the other hand, are more limited in their options, but if you have room in your budget, there are some very nice ones on the market.

B. New Tub or Resurfaced Tub?

The bathtub will most likely be the single largest purchase for the room. You can save a lot of money by having your old one resurfaced. A resurfacing is the removal of the old paint and finish and a re-coating with all new paint. The tub will look brand new and when treated properly will last for many years.

However, if there is heavy damage to the existing tub, rust or it is just too small, a new tub can be found that will fit your budget. If you are after a clawfoot style tub, you can find many in antique shops and second-hand stores pretty readily.

C. Flooring

Spacious master bathroom with green walls.

Deciding on the floor is a critical decision. Tile, vinyl, laminate, hardwood. Your choices will determine the overall look of the room and should be installed professionally.

Flooring can get expensive, so don’t be afraid to seek for the best and most cost-effective option. Your overall square footage will determine the final cost of the material you choose. You just need to ensure it matches your style to achieve the look you are after.

D. Lighting

White master bathroom with wall-mounted lights.

The type of lighting you choose for your master bathroom will make or break your theme or style. You can have any overhead lighting you desire.

In larger bathrooms or those with high or vaulted ceilings, you can get chandeliers or drop down lights to accentuate the specific style you are going for.

You want to ensure that the lighting is enough to illuminate the entire room without the aid of natural light, as it won’t always be there when you are using the room.

E. Windows

You should try and opt for windows when designing your master bathroom. Windows will help circulate fresh air in and remove humidity and moisture which can cause flooring damage or mold and mildew on the walls or tile grout.

Window dressings should also be addressed. Coverings should match your style and be int eh appropriate colors for your design theme. We do recommend frosted glass as a minimum though, especially if your windows will face a direction that will have people passing by.

F. Storage

Storage in bathrooms is often overlooked in place of the fixtures and flooring. However, unless you plan to pile your towels and cleaning supplies on the floor, you should plan and budget for storage.

Storage can be a simple cabinet under the sinks or a generous walk-in closet that rivals most bedrooms. Overhead storage is common above bathtubs and over toilets as the headspace isn’t used there.

5. Color

Master bathroom with dark grey walls.

When choosing a color for your master bathroom, you should use a color that makes the room eye-pleasing. Bold colors like reds and blues are common in the master bathroom, but the most popular are still the brighter colors like whites and beige.

Depending on your style or theme, the color will need to correlate. Rustic themes do well with deep reds and wood tones. However, you should keep in mind your fixtures and their accents as well.

6. Styles and Themes

In master bathrooms, you are free to choose a style or theme that is unlike the rest of the home. Likewise, you can also choose to continue a theme from the home through to the bathroom. The most common themes in a master bathroom are:

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Beach

A. Traditional

Traditional master bathroom styles use light colors and textures to display their ambiance. The shelves are usually open faced to expose the towels and allow their texture to show through. Floor mats are generally soft and fluffy.

The accent pieces such as the wall sconces and lighting are usually in colors that match the rest of the room instead of chrome or silver.

B. Contemporary

Large master bathroom with flagstone floor and light beige walls.

When using a contemporary style in the master bathroom, you will use a lot of whites and beiges. The counters and storage are generally wood tone or white, and you can add touches of color or added style with the knobs and handles on the cabinet doors.

In a contemporary style, the room is more open and spacious, and the softer colors on the walls and fixtures are accented with bold colors on the details. The overall feel is airy and spacious.

C. Modern

Modern styles tend to use featureless facings on the cabinet doors and planes. You won’t have to budget for door knobs and handles as there generally aren’t any.

Natural materials are used in the design such as wood, leather, and linen. Your color options will also be more muted and unadorned. The feel of these style master bathrooms is one of elegance and simplicity.

D. Beach

The Beach theme is popular in master bathrooms because of the nature of the feel and atmosphere. The use of bright and vivid colors is encouraged. Mixing hues of blue with yellow and white in the wall paint as well as the decorations and accents.

With a beach theme in your bathroom, the details will win you over. Pull chains for lights can be accented with shells as handles. Decorations with fish, seashells, and sand are very common and pull the room together nicely.

7. Special Considerations

When everything is said and done on your design, you need to think about the care of the room after you have created it. Special considerations should be made for repairs, updates, and general maintenance.

Eventually, things will wear down, though hopefully not for a very long time. You should plan for your preparedness while designing the room though. For example, the new tub or shower will eventually need to have parts replaced. Walling off the water shut off valves is not a very smart idea.

You can instead, design an access panel to easily reach the shutoffs in the event you need to make changes. The same can be done for the sink water supply lines as well.

When deciding on your tiles and paint, you should keep in mind that the walls in your bathroom will be scrubbed more often than in the rest of the home. You should make sure that your choices are not only economical but durable as well.

The galleries here will give you a lot of inspiration and ideas, and you should find them very helpful in your planning stages. If you like to DIY your projects, we have tools to help you with that as well.