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One of the worst things that can happen when you renovate or build new is having to rip down finished work because of a design flaw or mistake. It’s really frustrating, expensive and a huge waste of time. This is where the best home design software for your project can help.

We’ve tested many (and I mean many) design software products over the years and as a result we’ve published an extensive list of articles that lists/discusses the leading options for a variety of rooms, structures and projects.

Below you can access our individual articles that set out several leading options.

A. Our Free Design Software Options

We offer 2 free design software options. One is 3D online home and room plan software. The other is a room color paint visualizer software offering (also entirely online). Check them out:

1) Free 3D Online Interior and Home Design Software

Screenshot of free 3D interior and home design software

Click here for our free 3D online home and room plan software. No download needed. It’s all online.

2) Paint Visualizer Software

Free paint visualizer software

Click here to use our free online room color paint visualizer software. With this software you can upload interior and exterior photos of your home and then mix and match hundreds of different paint colors.

B. Other Interior Design Software Options

Renovating or planning a home is a lot of work, both at the planning stage and in actually doing the renovation work. We have several friends going through some serious renovations currently and it’s a seemingly never-ending process… but it’s sure cool to see their results.

If you’re starting a renovation, consider trying some planning software. Check out the many options below.

1) 23 Interior Design Software Options

Interior design software on a tablet.

This is our flagship article where we comprehensively cover 23 free and paid home design software options with a focus on interiors. There are basic 2D free floor plan software options as well as much more robust 3D room and home design software options – both free and paid.

Also, check out our free interior design software here.

2) 15 of the Best Kitchen Design Software Options

Example of kitchen design using Punch Kitchen SoftwareSometimes less is more and if you’re simply renovating your kitchen, you just need kitchen design software. Fortunately, there are specific kitchen software options but more likely you’ll opt for a comprehensive option that designs kitchens as well as other aspects of your home.

Our article explains each option in detail. From there you can choose.

3) 8 Closet Design Software Options

Example of closet design software

This is a fun article because let’s face it, coming up with clever storage ideas is fun. At least I like it. Closets are storage systems, whether a simple reach-in closet or an expansive walk-in closet.

If it’s a closet you’re designing, we got your covered with our in-depth article canvassing all the main closet design software options.

4) 16 Living Room Software Options

Living room design software example.

Living room design isn’t nearly as complicated as kitchens or bathrooms, but it’s still important to have a plan. If you like using software, it may well be worth getting floor plan software to sketch out a living room design. Even a simple 2D design with free floor plan software can help you out. However, you can opt for more comprehensive options that will help you choose furniture, wall colors, flooring, lighting and more.

5) 5 Virtual Paint Color Software Options

Couple painting room

Expectant Couple Taking A Break Whilst Decorating Nursery

Paining a room or rooms is a simple and inexpensive way to dramatically change the interior look and feel. Arguably, the hardest part of the entire exercise is choosing the right color.

That’s where virtual paint color software can come in handy. These software options let you upload images and then you can apply different colors to the walls, floors and ceilings. This gives you an idea of what the room will look like with various colors.

While virtual paint software isn’t a replacement for doing some testing, it can help you narrow your options early on in the research phase.

6) 16 Bathroom Design Tools

Bathroom design with software tool

If you’re designing a bathroom, whether a renovation or building a new home, you could definitely benefit from a bathroom design tool such as online software.

We have an article setting out 16 great bathroom design tools. Check them out:

C. Outside & Exteriors

These days there’s software for everything including many aspects outside the home. Below you can access our feature articles and videos on a fleet of various design software options for outside your home.

1) 12 Landscape and Garden Design Software Options

Illustration of landscape and garden design surrounding a home.

If you have a hard time picturing a variety of flowers and plants in a garden, it may be worth getting landscape or gardening software to sketch out some garden layouts first. This can help you plan out your budget and which plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. to buy and then how to organize them for best effect.

However, quality landscape design software doesn’t end there. The paid options offer a full suite of outdoor design features such as decks, pools, patios, retaining walls, home exteriors, lighting … pretty much every design element you may require for your yard.

2) 14 Deck Design Software Options

Example of deck design software.

Deck design software is highly sought after because many people build their own deck, yet it’s a complex structure that really requires a plan.

While you can buy deck plans, these are typically generic and may require some customization which is where the software can help. Or, you simply wish to design your deck from scratch to best meet the space, aesthetic design and sought features.

3) 10 Fence Design Software Options

Example of a fence designed by software.

While fence software isn’t popular because it’s not a terribly complex project, it can be helpful in calculating material needs and experimenting with various looks. There are a lot of fencing options out there such as pre-built panels in wood or vinyl which makes fence building pretty easy. Most people go this route which requires merely figuring out how many panels and posts are needed.

4) 9 Garage Design Software Options

Example of garage designed with software.

In our neck of the woods, more and more people are building garage structures with units for rent above the parking area. This can be a very good investment because of the rents you receive… enjoying rental income without tenants actually in your home, but instead in a separate structure. After all, if you need a garage, why not get the most out of the structure by making it an income-producing structure.

That said, there are many other uses for garage structures; not just rental suites. The upper level can be anything you want; truly bonus space.

That wraps up our main articles of home design software options for 2018. As you can see, there are plenty of options for each room of the home as well as structures. Of course, having many options makes choosing not so easy.

TIP: I own licenses to Punch! Design Software (read my Punch! Design Software Review) and Chief Architect. Both are outstanding and can pretty much handle every home design need you have. If you’re investing a lot of money into renovations, the cost of these premium software options isn’t very much in the overall scheme of things.