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Person calculating the cost of a home improvement project

Welcome to WL Green Place's home improvement cost calculators.

Below you can access various calculators for different projects.

1. Kitchen Reno Cost Calculator

There are a lot of decisions to make that impact the cost of a kitchen when renovating a kitchen.

It can get confusing to say the least.

One way to simplify coming up with a good estimated cost for your kitchen reno is to use our kitchen cost calculator.

Click the following button to access our kitchen reno cost calculator.

Beautiful kitchen

2. Deck Cost Calculator

The reason our deck cost calculator is so popular is building a deck is something a lot of people do themselves and therefore don't get estimates from professionals.

The only way to establish a deck budget is to come up with a total cost estimate on your own.

This is where our detailed deck cost calculator can help.

Check it out:

Man installing backyard deck

3. Patio Cost Calculator

While it's not easy building your own patio, many people do it and many turn out looking fabulous.

However, before you start, you need to figure out whether your total patio cost will fit within your budget.

That's where our patio cost calculator can help.

Check it out:

Aerial view of beautiful patio

4. Fence Cost Calculator

Like decks, many people build their own fence. In fact, my father-in-law is building one as we speak thanks to a storm that knocked a chunk of his previous fence down.

While it may seem like a simple calculation, estimating the cost of your fence isn't as easy as you think.

That's where our fence calculator can come in handy.

Check it out:

Person building a fence

5. Walkway Calculator

Many homeowners add a walkway or two to their yard. They're often in the front yard (we have one with stairs), but they're also a nice addition to a backyard.

There are many options for building a walkway, which will dictate different overall costs. Principally, the materials are what costs the most.

We put together a great calculator for you to get an estimated cost of your walkway..

Check it out:

Nice home with walkway in the front yard

6. Hardwood Flooring Cost Calculator

Hardwood flooring is the most popular flooring option for most rooms of the home (except the bathroom).

It's durable, looks fabulous and feels good. You can gain the benefits of carpet by adding an area rug. In many ways it's the best flooring option for most rooms.

However, calculating the cost isn't so easy. We can help without our hardwood flooring cost calculator.

Check it out:

Living room with hardwood flooring

7. Carpet Installation Cost Calculator

While hardwood is more popular, I do like carpeting for bedrooms because it's soft, warmer and muffles noise.

Sure, you can add an area rug, but carpet is easier and I simply prefer it for kids bedrooms.

There's more to carpet cost installation than meets the eye. Our carpet cost calculator gives you many variables to check out to get a decent cost estimate.

Check it out:

Man installing carpeting

8. Master Bathroom Renovation Cost Analysis

Like kitchens, there's a lot that goes into the price of a master bathroom renovation.

You have expensive items like a shower, vanity, tub and toilet plus tile, mirrors, paint, plumbing, electricity... on and on it goes.

To help you price out your bathroom renovation, check out our master bathroom renovation cost analysis (no calculator yet, but we have a detailed article setting out the various costs).

Check it out:

Renovated master bathroom

9. Living Room Renovation Cost Analysis

If you're looking to assess the cost of renovating your living room, check out our extensive living room renovation cost analysis article.

We cover flooring, paint, furnishings and other factors that go into the price of a living room.

Check it out:

Renovated living room

10. Family Room Cost Analysis

Unless you go nuts with media equipment, renovating a family room isn't terribly expensive compared to kitchens and bathrooms.

However, there are many decisions to make including materials, furniture, built-ins, etc.

Check out our family room renovation cost analysis article at:

renovated family room

11. Swimming Pool Cost Analysis

I would love a swimming pool but living in a cold climate it's very difficult to justify the cost.

Swimming pools are expensive, even small ones. Make it an infinity pool and the cost goes up. Add rock features, a waterfall, fountains, a cabana, fancy patio and you can quickly escalate the cost close to $100,000.

If you want a swimming pool, find out just how much they cost. Our extensive article explains everything.

12. Home Office Cost Analysis

Do you want to build a home office or convert an existing room into a home office?

A good starting point is figuring out roughly how much it'll cost.

We wrote an in-depth analysis on the different costs associated with building a home office. You can go through and crunch the numbers. Check it out:

Nice home office with nice furniture

13. Outdoor Kitchen Cost Analysis

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular, especially in warmer climates.

By adding counter space, cabinets, a sink and a fridge, it's a lot easier to host and prepare barbecues. This way you can prepare all food outside so everyone enjoys the outdoors.

But it's not cheap. We break down the cost of an outdoor kitchen. Check it out:

Nice outdoor kitchen on brick patio